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Every day we help people in Southern Illinois who have been hurt at work or who suffer injuries due to the fault of another, whether it is an automobile accident, a construction accident or other injury.

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Kirkpatrick Injury Law Offices in Belleville, IL

Representing those injured in workers compensation, personal injury and construction accidents in Belleville and Southern Illinois

St Clair County Illinois personal injury law attorney, Eric Kirkpatrick, grew up in Benton, Illinois and attended Southern Illinois University in Carbondale where he ultimately received his law degree in 1991. For a short time after graduation he worked as an Appellate Law Clerk, and with that experience began working as a plaintiff personal injury and workers compensation attorney in Belleville, IL., handling cases and serving clients primarily from Springfield throughout all of Southern Illinois including the St Louis Metro East, Madison County and Monroe County.

Eric takes great pride in the fact that he has not and will never represent an insurance company.  It simply isn’t something he has ever been willing to do. He has spent his career as an injury lawyer in Belleville, Illinois leveling the playing field and making sure the folks of Southern Illinois are not taken advantage of by insurance companies or employers. His practice, even when working for other law firms for a few years following graduation, has been focused only on representing the injured.

Kirkpatrick Law is a Belleville, IL lawyer who does not charge by the hour. We only do cases on a contingent fee, meaning we don’t get paid unless you get paid. Our fee does not change just because we have to go to trial or pursue an appeal on the case. With very few exceptions, our fee is 1/3 of the recover on personal injury claims and 20% on workers compensation injuries.

KLO has never taken an attorney fee that is more than what the client receives after all is said and done. While the client is in the end responsible for expenses associated with litigation, KLO expenses are only what is charged by an outside source. Unlike some firms – and there are horror stories – KLO does not charge for things we consider to be his cost of doing business, such as in-house copies, postage or mileage. 

We have always been mindful of the costs of legal services and litigation and have never engaged in a great deal of expenses where it was not needed. This can make a great deal of difference in the final amount. If you or someone you love is injured at work, please contact us at our Belleville, Illinois offices for a free initial consultation.




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Christopher Gore
Christopher Gore
Excellent and Honest Attorney that you can trust!
Carolyn Hensley
Carolyn Hensley
They work for you....Mr. Kirkpatrick is very proficient and thorough. I was very satisfied with my end result. Thank you Mr. Kirkpatrick and your staff for all that you have done for me.
Blake Law Group
Blake Law Group
Eric W. Kirkpatrick is an excellent attorney. I have worked with him in regard to legal matters over the years and I have first-hand knowledge that Mr. Kirkpatrick is a top-notch attorney.

The Kirkpatrick Law Office proudly serves clients as a personal injury lawyer in St Clair County, Illinois and a personal injury lawyer, coal mine injury attorney, industrial accident lawyer, workers compensation and construction accident lawyer in Belleville, Illinois and other areas of Southern Illinois including but not limited to Carbondale, IL, Goreville, IL, De Soto, IL, Murphrysboro, IL, Freeburg, IL, Coulterville, IL, Hecker, IL, Waterloo, IL, Sparta, IL, St. Clair County, IL, Madison County, IL, Johnson County, IL, Randolph County, IL, Clinton County, IL and other Southern Illinois locations.

We typically assist injured workers and people with neck injuries, back injuries, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, elbow injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, people requiring back surgery, coal mine injuries, union worker injuries, iron worker injuries, boilermaker, pipefitter and laborer injuries, those hurt as a result of construction accidents, road construction, semi-truck accidents, cell phone drivers, discrimination, warehouse injuries. We also help people hurt in nursing home injuries while lifting patients in nursing homes or other medical facilities.