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Meet Eric Kirkpatrick: Personal Injury Lawyer in Belleville, IL

Hello! My name is Eric Kirkpatrick, and I’m excited to share a bit about myself with you. On this page I’ll walk you through my background, career, and personal life and welcome you to consider my personal injury law practice if you’ve been hurt at work or because of the negligence of others.

Growing Up in Benton, Illinois

I grew up in the small town of Benton, Illinois, with my parents, a brother, and a sister. After graduating from high school in 1984, I attended Southern Illinois University (SIU) Carbondale. Initially, I pursued a degree in journalism, but soon I felt a strong pull towards law. I completed my journalism degree and went straight to law school at SIU Carbondale.

Beginning My Legal Career

During my time at SIU in Carbondale, IL, I made many lifelong friends. After graduating from law school in 1991, I started my career clerking for Appellate Judge Robert Howerton. This invaluable experience lasted two years, and I was fortunate enough to continue working with Judge Howerton in private practice at a firm in Marion, Illinois.

Establishing Roots in Belleville

While working in Marion, I lived in Benton and married my wife, Lari. After gaining substantial experience in workers’ compensation and personal injury cases, I joined Tom Keefe Jr. in Belleville, Illinois. I worked with Tom until 2004, at which point I decided to start my own practice.

My Practice Today

For the past 20 years, I’ve been running my own law practice, focusing on workers’ compensation and personal injury cases. My office is located at 3 Executive Woods Court in Belleville, Illinois, right off Highway 159. We’re a small, tight-knit team, and I’m proud of the supportive, friendly atmosphere we maintain.

Meet My Team

Two wonderful ladies, Chrissy and Mimi, work with me. Chrissy has been with me for 17 years, and Mimi joined us four years ago. Both are incredibly knowledgeable about our cases, ensuring we provide the best service to our clients. Our office is informal and welcoming – you’ll usually find us in casual attire, and our doors are always open to clients and friends, with or without an appointment.

Personal Life and Interests

Outside of work, I have a rich personal life. I enjoy fishing, hunting, attending music concerts, and spending quality time with my family. My wife Lari and I have four children. Our eldest, who is 32, lives in Benton, Illinois. Our daughter, Hie, recently married and lives in Swansea, Illinois. Joseph, our 27-year-old son, resides in Shiloh, and our youngest, Aaron, is studying in Murray, Kentucky, with plans to graduate soon. My daughter is on her way to becoming a speech pathologist.

A Warm Invitation

At my office, we believe in treating everyone like a friend. We’re proud of the relaxed, welcoming environment we’ve cultivated. Whether you need legal assistance or just want to stop by to see our office dogs, we’re here for you.

If you ever need help with a legal claim, please don’t hesitate to reach out at 618-239-6070. Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me and my journey.