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Workers Compensation

We represent people injured on the job. Injuries that occur at work can be catastrophic for the worker and his or her family.  Benefits often stop and this is devastating for most families. We work hard to keep the appropriate temporary total disability benefits going during recovery, making sure medical bills are paid, and obtaining the largest permanent partial disability award we can get.  Often times this requires a hearing, and Eric has 28 years of experience presenting cases to the arbitrators and commissioners.  We look at the big picture and what is best for the client in the long run and promise never to resolve a case for less than it is worth.

Eric has handled claims for folks injured in almost all walks of life.  He has represented thousands of people and has extensive knowledge of the dangers experienced by coal miners, union iron workers, boiler makers, pipe fitters, carpenters, tree trimmers, electricians and Illinois correctional officers.  He has seen simple injuries and very complex injuries that require a great deal of medical care over the years.   Eric takes great pride in listening to his clients and treats them fairly while fighting for them in order to receive the results they need to continue supporting their families and move on with their lives.

We find that many people who experience accidents in Belleville, IL and other areas of Southern Illinois, don’t understand the tricks or tactics that insurance companies engage in to mislead an injured worker and force him or her into a position where it makes a claim almost impossible to win. As one of the most experienced lawyers in Belleville, Illinois, Eric is familiar with all of them and encourages anyone with a workers’ compensation claim to call and consult with him so that the injured party can at least help one be aware of and avoid the pitfalls of working with the insurance company without representation. Our clients find that this kind of care makes Kirkpatrick Law Offices one of the best lawyers in Belleville, IL and in Southern Illinois.

Sometimes these work injuries lead to other claims called third-party civil claims.  This happens when someone is injured at work and the injury is the fault of a company or individual that is not the employer or a co-employee of the injured worker.  This often happens in construction accidents that occur on construction sites or other situations where multiple employers and trades are on the job.  Eric has obtained millions of dollars for his clients on these claims.

Personal Injury Civil Actions

Personal injury claims arise when a person is injured by the negligence of another.  The most common examples are car or truck accidents.  These also occur when someone trips or slips and falls, is hurt on a construction site, bitten by a dog or due to medical malpractice or negligence.  Kirkpatrick Law Offices has gained a reputation as a trusted Southern Illinois personal injury attorney. When one is injured by the negligence of another, the injured person is entitled to recover past and future pain and suffering, loss of a normal life, lost wages, and medical bills incurred or likely to be incurred in the future.

We don’t let an insurance company take advantage of anyone.  In a perfect world, an insurance company would “do the right thing” and own up to its obligations.  Unfortunately, that just doesn’t happen.  Insurance companies for the at fault party are not there to help you; the company’s plan is to get by paying you as little as possible. Learn more about class action lawsuits here.

If you’ve been hurt as a result of someone else’s negligence or by an uninsured motorist, call Eric and make an appointment for a free consultation. We will discuss your case and tell you what the next steps will be. We have the experience to help you bring this traumatic chapter to a favorable close so that you and your family can get on with living.

Coal Mine Injuries

Coal Mine Injury Attorney, Southern IllinoisKirkpatrick Law Offices has a record of fighting for working men and women in Southern Illinois who have been injured at work in our many coal mines and power plants. Our clients know that we understand the specifics of these types of workplace injuries. We have fought to receive compensation in work related injuries throughout our professional history.

We know from experience that coal mines and power plants can be extremely dangerous work environments. We are the St Clair County-based law firm trusted by coal miners and power plant workers to represent them when they are hurt on the job. Call us at: (618) 239-6070 to discuss the accident injury you’ve received on the job. We’ll let you know what you need to do to get the compensation you deserve.

Road Construction Accidents, Trucking Accidents and Car Accidents

Construction Zone Accident Attorney, Belleville, IllinoisDistracted drivers and other hazards make the roads of Southern Illinois dangerous. If you work on the roads or highways you are subjected to dangerous conditions that may have led to workplace injury. When you need a Belleville car accident lawyer, Kirkpatrick Law Offices can help you recover damages from injuries you may have received as a road construction worker on a construction site or as a victim of an uninsured motorist.

We also represent those hurt in motorcycle accidents and automobile accidents in Southern Illinois. Call us: (618) 239-6070 to schedule a free consultation.

Product Liability

Product Liability Attorney, Belleville, IllinoisWhen injury or harm comes as a result of a faulty or dangerous product you deserve to be compensated. We all like to expect that products will work as they are supposed to, but sometimes that just isn’t the case.  Eric has seen products liability claims resulting from faulty coal mining equipment, faulty tools, bad chairs, ladders, crossbows, guns, exercise equipment and even medications.  Sometimes the product has had a faulty design, sometimes it was put together in a negligent manner, and sometimes the product simply doesn’t work as one would reasonably expect it to and it causes injury.  These cases are difficult, but Eric has the experience to handle them.

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Attorney, Belleville, ILKirkpatrick Law Offices in Belleville, Illinois has a strong record of representing those hurt as a result of medical malpractice or injured because of a hospital’s or a doctor’s misdiagnosis or negligence.  Unfortunately, while we all want to trust that our medical providers are giving us the best care, doctors and hospitals sometimes make mistakes.

Over the years, there has been a lot of bad publicity about medical malpractice claims, claiming that there is a problem with “frivolous” claims.  The fact of the matter is that the malpractice cases that get filed are definitely not frivolous.  The medical profession has protected itself by statutes that require another doctor in the same profession to sign an affidavit that the defendant doctor’s care fell below the standard of care.  It has also protected itself from frivolous lawsuits by the fact it is very expensive to pursue a medical malpractice claim, due to the fact that multiple experts are required.  As a result, doctors and hospitals get away with a lot of malpractice just because it isn’t financially worth pursuing the claim.

Each malpractice case is different, and some are more complicated than others.  In this area, if we feel you are better served by another lawyer who might be more experienced with your specific type of claim, we will refer you to the best person to help you.

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