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Class Action Lawsuits

Insurance Claim Lawyer in Belleville, ILThese types of cases are usually against companies that create products that are later proven to be dangerous. We have all seen the advertisements on television for asbestos and mesothelioma and these are perfect examples of class actions lawsuits. Other dangerous products may include certain medications, medical devices, prosthetic devices for knee, hip or disc replacements, and defective vaginal mesh.

KLO does not handle these cases on its own. Much larger firms typically handle these cases and we have associated with a local firm that pursues these claims. These lawyers are close enough that we can arrange a meeting and meet with them. We can sit down with a doctor on their stuff and get questions about your case answered in person, by a lawyer and doctor, instead of an unknown paralegal whose only job is to answer calls responding to television advertisements. I only deal with very competent select lawyers. IF you think you have suffered an injury because of a defective product that you might see on television, call our office. We will direct you to competent local counsel that will personalize the action for you. You will always have a specific person to contact about your claim.

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