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Construction Accident Attorney in Belleville, ILSometimes a workers compensation client gets hurt working on a large construction project where there is a general contractor in charge of the job and several subcontractors hired by the general contractor. Our experience with construction site injury cases mean that we are well-suited to handle the complex nature of cases that often surround in injured construction worker or highway worker.

These types of construction accident lawsuits can be difficult because subcontractors on these large projects employ folks in various trades; such as iron workers, boiler makers, carpenters, laborers, operators and pipe fitters. These injury claims involve more for an injury lawyer, than simply seeking workers compensation benefits. And they are certainly more complex than personal injury lawsuits.

When a person is injured at one of these construction sites and the accident is the fault of another that is not working for the same subcontractor as the injured person, a construction accident attorney can often pursue a civil “third party” claim and receive verdicts and settlements from the at fault contractor.

Cases Handled By Our Construction Site Accident Lawyers

An example of this is a construction accident case we handled a few years ago when a crane operator for one subcontractor negligently dropped a load of iron onto the head of our client who was an iron worker helping connect the crane to the load of steel on a flatbed. We successfully sued the employer of the operator and still pursued the workers compensation claim against my client’s employer.

Construction Site Accident Lawyer, Belleville, IllinoisUnder certain circumstances, a general contractor can also be liable for the acts of is subcontractors. This is pursuant to section 414 of the Restatement of Torts, known as the “retained control doctrine,” which provides that a general contractor can be liable for the negligent act of the subcontractor when the general contractor retains a certain level of control over the job site even though it has hired subcontractors to do the job.

An example of this is when a contractor supervises the work of the subcontractor’s employees. One example of this is a case we pursued in which in iron worker fell from a platform and was paralyzed. The general contractor’s lead man on the job had instructed that the guardrails required to be on the platform be removed so that the iron workers could do their job more quickly.

Should I Consult A Construction Site Accident Lawyer?

Construction Site Accident Lawyer in Southern IllinoisWe get it. That first call can be a difficult call to make. You’ve been hurt at work, on the construction site but might not want to make waves. We hear it a lot. Maybe you think you’re not hurt that bad. Maybe you could give it a little time. But, from our perspective, and the perspective of so many construction workers who have been injured, time is of the essence.

Calling a personal injury lawyer might seem like jumping the gun to an injured worker. Maybe you haven’t even brought up your injury with your supervisor. Maybe you haven’t even sought out a medical opinion from your doctor. This might be the first time you’ve been through a construction accident injury at work… but it isn’t our first time.

Medically it is important to seek professional advice, and legally it is important to seek professional advice. We can assure you that your employer and their insurance company is already covering their bases. It’s the way they protect their own interests.

And, as an adult who may be responsible for providing for not only yourself, but your family as well, it is important that you cover your bases as well. We at Kirkpatrick Law Offices make it easy to get started by speaking to an attorney to discuss your construction accident and the compensation you are entitled to receive.

We’ll tell it to you like it is. We’ll listen to your account of all the factors that led to your injury. We’ll ask the right questions – things you probably haven’t even thought of. And we’ll do our best to get you and your family on the road to recovery.

It’s important to understand that you have a right as an American worker to work in a safe setting where you can do your best work and not have to worry about whether or not corners were cut to save on costs putting you in danger. We are proud of our record in handling construction industry accidents, coal mining accidents, construction company accidents that impact our clients’ occupational safety and health. You can rest assured that we’ve got your back.

Contact a Construction Accident Lawyer in Southern Illinois

Our law firm has had great success on these third party claims arising from accidents that occur at work. We are able to get a person a level of compensation in excess of what they might otherwise receive in the confines of a workers compensation case. It’s only right that you should be made whole again, as well as have access to the funds to pay your medical bills and replace your lost wages.

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