Construction Accidents


Construction accidents usually occur while a person is working for one company that is a subcontractor for another company. Usually if these occur a person may have a civil cause of action- in addition to a workers compensation claim- that can be pursued against the owner of the property, the general contractor, or another subcontractor that is responsible for the accident.

Examples of liability include when a general contractor or owner of a facility not providing a safe place to work, when a general contractor “controls” the work of the subcontractors or when a worker from another subcontractor does something to cause the accident or to create a dangerous condition. Instance might include a general contractor taking over safety, when a subcontractor drops a load from a crane onto another, when railings are left down where holes are open on the job site, or when a person is hit by a piece of equipment.

Kirkpatrick Law Offices has represented union iron workers, pipefitters, laborers, boilermakers and coal miners against third parties throughout Southern Illinois in both State and Federal Court. Eric’s familiarity with the work of the various trades has been an asset to his success in pursing these claims. Examples of third party claims he has handled include, lawsuits against a general contractor that took charge of safety and had railing removed which lead to a worker falling and becoming paralyzed; a crane operator dropping steel onto the head of an iron worker; falling steel in a lay down yard; wood falling onto another when negligently installed by another contractor; injuries from operation of faulty equipment provided by a general contractor, one for a man that became paralyzed when a railing was taken down at a building site; an iron worker who required a neck surgery when a crane operator dropped a load on his head; an iron worker who suffered a devastating leg injury when structural steel fell in a ‘lay down yard’; multiple injuries incurred by a laborer operating a large concrete saw. a union carpenter injured when a wood beam placed by another fell onto his head; and electrocution from faulty wiring at a local factory. Construction accident cases can be complicated because there may be multiple defendants with different theories of liability against each. These cases require the skills of an experienced lawyer; contact Kirkpatrick Law Offices today for professional representation in construction accident cases including product liability and insurance claims.

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