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We understand that being injured at work or due to someone else’s actions creates exceptionally difficult circumstances for you. The impact of being hurt, out of work, unable to provide in so many ways for yourself and your family puts you in an extremely vulnerable position. We look forward to learning more about your particular circumstances and to lending our expertise to your case in aggressively pursuing a favorable outcome.  We specialize in a variety of practice areas making it easy to receive the guidance you deserve.

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    Types of Work Injury Law We Practice

    Construction Accident Lawyer Belleville, IllinoisKirkpatrick Injury Law represents union laborers who have suffered neck injuries, back injuries and knee injuries, among other types of work injuries. Physically demanding work performed under dangerous conditions often leads to repetitive use injuries to the the shoulder, elbow and other joints.

    We have experience representing workers with carpal tunnel syndrome, who require back surgery or other conditions that cause loss of income and high medical bills.

    We are well acquainted with the injuries often suffered by coal miners, union workers and iron workers, and we have earned their trust and recommendations. Earning a living as a boilermaker, pipe fitter or laborer is dangerous and sometimes leads to injuries suffered on the job site.

    We have a long history of representing workers hurt in construction accidents, road construction sites, semi-truck accidents and auto accidents. The workplace and busy streets are dangerous places to perform one’s job. Drivers distracted by cell phone or underinsured motorists can seriously impact the life of an auto injury victim and his or her family. Inadequate safety procedures or training can lead to warehouse hazards causing employees to be injured on the job.

    Hospital and nursing homes are also common places where workers suffer injuries. Some of our clients have been injured lifting patients in nursing homes or hospitals.

    Types of Personal Injury Law We Practice

    Injury Lawyer St Clair County, IllinoisKirkpatrick Law, has years of experience representing personal injury clients who have been hurt in automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents or other types of accidents. Injured people should be compensated whether as a result of a slip and fall incident or because of a dangerous defective product.

    Personal injury attorneys use the rule of law to help accident victims recover from their injuries and offset future lost wages and medical expenses. We help clients receive compensation for disfigurement and injuries that will continue to affect their lives.

    We level the playing field as our injured clients go up against the insurance companies representing the parties responsible for the injuries. Kirkpatrick Injury Law knows that as soon as an injury happens the clock is ticking and the insurance companies are working. The insurance companies are working to minimize their clients’ impact and liability. They are working to protect their profits against the interests of the injured party.

    Kirkpatrick Law Offices represents injured clients, maximizing the compensation they receive from insurance companies. We have enough experience winning damages for injured people and workers throughout Illinois. We know the courtrooms in counties from Chicago to Cairo, Illinois. We represent union members who want to go to work every day to earn a living for their families.

    We know that our clients deserve nothing less than the ability to continue working in a safe environment and continue living a happy, productive life. If you have been injured we urge you to call us at (618) 239-6070 to set up a free consultation and free case evaluation.

    The Kirkpatrick Law Office proudly serves clients as a personal injury lawyer in St Clair County, Illinois and a personal injury lawyer, coal mine injury attorney, industrial accident lawyer, workers compensation and construction accident lawyer in Belleville, Illinois and other areas of Southern Illinois including but not limited to Carbondale, IL, Goreville, IL, De Soto, IL, Murphrysboro, IL, Freeburg, IL, Coulterville, IL, Hecker, IL, Waterloo, IL, Sparta, IL, St. Clair County, IL, Madison County, IL, Johnson County, IL, Randolph County, IL, Clinton County, IL and other Southern Illinois locations.

    We typically assist injured workers and people with neck injuries, back injuries, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, elbow injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, people requiring back surgery, coal mine injuries, union worker injuries, iron worker injuries, boilermaker, pipefitter and laborer injuries, those hurt as a result of construction accidents, road construction, semi-truck accidents, cell phone drivers, discrimination, warehouse injuries. We also help people hurt in nursing home injuries while lifting patients in nursing homes or other medical facilities.