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Understanding Your Temporary Disability Rate In A Worker’s Compensation Claim

Q: Before I got hurt I worked a lot of overtime. But I’ve heard that employers or his insurer doesn’t want to include my overtime in my workers’  compensation settlement.

A: One of the things that comes up in a workers’ compensation claim is the rate of pay that a person made at their job before the accident. It is very common to see that insurance companies have not paid somebody at the proper temporary disability rate.

One of the aspects of this is that the employer claims that overtime should not be included in the calculation of a person’s average monthly wage.

That’s not true. A person’s average weekly wage includes the overtime that is regularly worked or mandatory. This makes a difference not only in the amount of money a person receives during the time that they are unable to work due to the doctor’s suggestions, but it also makes a difference in the calculation of the permanent partial disability awarded at the very end of their case.

Therefore, it is important to figure out that average weekly wage and to make sure that they are paying you at the proper rate early on in the case.

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